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Welcome to our premier Orthopaedic Services at Vizag! On the beautiful coast, we ensure an active lifestyle year around. Injuries happen, but they do not have to stand in your way. Whether you sustain injuries/ suffer debilitating pain, we are committed to helping you return to your active lifestyle. We are your Orthopaedic specialists, and we say it is time to leave your discomfort and pain behind!


We have an active orthopaedic surgery practice that is committed to working with our patients in order to maximize their ability to lead a full and active life. We specialize in helping those who are limited in their daily activities due to injury or other medical conditions of the musculoskeletal system. If you are looking for the BEST care, we are the orthopaedic doctors for you.


Minimally-invasive treatment options to get active individuals “back to work”.For patients with Bone and Joint, and Spine disorders, we do:

  • Consultation
  • Outpatient treatments
  • Inpatient management
  • Surgeries

OP Consultation Timings

MONDAY - SATURDAY 09:00am-2:00pm
SUNDAY 11:00am-01:00pm


Kanaka Durga Hospital, Near Z P Junction, Krishna Nagar, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 530002

For Appointment

Call: 98663 93544 , 9849532693 , 0891-6667201

CONDITIONS we treat …

Sciatica, Disc Prolapse, Spinal canal stenosis, Spondylolisthesis, LumboSacral Strain, Lumbago, Cervical spondylytis

Fractures of the Hip, Hip Arthritis, FemoroAcetabular impingement

Fractures in and around the Knee, Meniscus tears, ACL/PCL Ligament tears, Jumper’s Knee, Patellofemoral Instability, Knee Arthritis

Frozen shoulder, Shoulder Instability, Rotator cuff Tear, Fractures of humerus and clavicle

Ankle fractures, Ankle sprain, Tendoachilles rupture, Common toe deformities, Clubfoot, Polio foot, Foot deformities

Fractures of elbow & wrist, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Stiff Elbow, Cubitus Varus/Valgus, de Quervain’s disease, Trigger finger, Tendon transfers, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We promised to take care… and delivered


  • “ I feel lucky to have met Dr.Sireesha through a common friend. She is the only Lady Orthopaedic doctor around. I was so tensed after three other ortho doctors suggested surgery for my low back. She examined me very carefully, gave me medication, showed me simple exercises and Reassurance. I have completely recovered and sincerely recommend her especially to all ladies.”
    Mrs.Haseena Visakhapatnam
  • “I recently visited Dr.A.Satish for shoulder pain. He performed hip fracture surgery on me 6years ago. His treatment with simple medication has made me pain-free. I have been recommending dozens of people here because of my positive experience with him.”
    Mr. SanyasiRao Narsipatnam
  • Hats off to Dr. Anne Satish, fantastic job on my father’s Knee Replacement. Especially for the severe pain he had before. Surgery was excellent and he is back to his office after one month of rest and exercises. The team is very professional and caring. We got what we were promised, thanks to him!”
    Mr.Ramanarao Visakhapatnam
  • “Dr.Anne Satish performed microscopic spinal surgery on me 2 years ago after I went to him with severe, unbearable pain following lifting a cardboard box and was diagnosed as a disc prolapsed. I am doing so well, I’ve never had a reminder of my back pain though I am into the construction field. I just wanted to express my gratitude to him.”
    Mr.Suraj Gupta Bheemili
  • “This is the doctor that saved my daughter from succumbing to pelvic injuries and blood loss. He put the pelvic rods immediately after we reached the ICU. He did not ask or discuss anything about our payment before doing the emergency treatment, and was so committed to save her. We are so grateful to him and hope he continues to help the needy like us.”
    Tatarao Vizianagaram
  • “Dr.Sireesha performed Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction of my right knee after being injured while playing badminton. Thanks to her I have a stable knee with a full joint movement and am able to play my game as well. I am an active physical trainer in a reputed school now and also coach badminton to college boys”
    Mr.Phalguna Chodavaram
  • “My husband and I were fervently searching for a Lady Orthopaedic doctor when his colleague suggested Dr.Sireesha’s  services. She kindly accommodated to see me even on a Sunday morning as I am working. Her expert knowledge and genuine concern apart from her gentle way of reasuurance has helped me so much that my Knees pain and stiffness has completely gone with her simple solutions. “
    Mrs. Janaki Visakhapatnam.